Meet the team - Kim's first six months | ZiaBia
21 NOVEMBER 2023

Meet the team – Kim’s first six months

I can’t quite believe that it has been six months since I started at ZiaBia. I felt instantly welcomed into the family and supported by everyone. 

Plus I hit the ground running onsite at an event in my first few weeks! 

Why ZiaBia? 

My previous roles consisted of working in theatre, festivals and venues and I was looking for a new challenge. The way that others spoke about ZiaBia showed how highly regarded they were. I experienced that level of knowledge and warmth as soon as I met Debbie, Vicky and the team. The range of events that ZiaBia organise and the scope of the work all over the globe was such an exciting prospect and I have found myself travelling here, there and everywhere. 

My journey so far 

A huge part of my role at ZiaBia surrounds venue and supplier relationships and I have been very lucky to develop these through the work I do. From sourcing the perfect space for the client during venue finds to procuring the best catering for an event. It has truly been an educational experience applying all of my previous experiences to the role. 

I have assisted with delivering events in Bristol, London, Ireland and Germany to name a few. These events have ranged from building launches and large conferences to charity community awards. It really demonstrates the sheer scope of what we do. Travelling and building these connections is something that I love about the role. Working alongside like-minded clients and suppliers to produce exceptional experiences is our bread and butter. There is no better feeling than pulling off a successful event as part of a well-oiled team. 

The icing on the cake of my journey at ZiaBia has been the support of the team. There are no silly questions here, everyone feels encouraged to input into projects and our team days have a collaborative and creative structure. I cannot thank everyone enough for the experience of my first six months and I cannot wait for many more! 

What’s next? 

2024 is shaping up to be a great year for ZiaBia. We are already involved in many ongoing projects and are receiving interesting and inspiring briefs each day. The growth of the team has definitely reflected in the work we are doing, and I cannot wait for more events, more travel and more fun along the way. 

Would I recommend ZiaBia? 


ZiaBia are a team of devoted, hard-working event professionals who give their all (and then some) to every task. The range of experience and skills that each member brings to the job are truly inspiring and we are on track for a busy and exciting year! 

Kim Davison
Event Support Consultant
Kim Davison
Event Support Consultant
I am extremely excited to be joining ZiaBia in the role of Event Support Consultant. My background ranges from hospitality to theatre production to events, all of which require the attention to detail, focus and drive that the team at ZiaBia equally share.

After completing my degree in Theatre, Festival and Event Production, I went on to work as an Events Coordinator orchestrating large scale events in the Food, Sport and Music Festivals sectors. My role was heavily focused on procurement and building supplier and venue relationships which are a key focus at ZiaBia. I then went on to manage the opening of a new event space, hosting corporate days and private events centering around culinary experiences.

I am an avid list-maker and I love that my passion for planning and high-level execution of events is my day-to-day reality. The team have already provided such support and inspiration and really stay true to the company’s core values, and I am looking forward to my future at ZiaBia building on my skills and tackling new challenges with an exciting range of briefs and opportunities.