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Why client feedback is so important to ZiaBia

Client feedback - why do we get so much value from it?


All of us at ZiaBia pride ourselves on our customer service – as a company without a tangible product #TeamZiaBia is our most valuable asset.

After each and every event, whether face-to-face or virtual, we always send the client our feedback questionnaire. This gives them the opportunity to ‘tell it like it is’!

We then use the scores and comments to better refine our service on other events in the future. We are very aware we are only as good as the last event we delivered, so complacency is not an option.

As we wound down 2021, we took some time to look at the client feedback we have received since the start of the pandemic. And we were blown away!



Out of the surveys returned, 25% were for face-to-face events and 75% for virtual.

The scores really speak for themselves and we also want to share some of the comments

ZiaBia provided us with a fantastic event management service, with many moving parts, tight deadlines and no request was too much. Always handled with a smile and a YES response. There is no better company to partner with for event management face-to-face event

ZiaBia are fantastic experienced Event Managers - problem solvers, delightfully organised, creative, conscientious and trustworthy. They will bring your dream event to life, leaving you and your guests/clients in awe!virtual event

It was perfect, no improvement virtual event

As 2020 was the first year we had ever designed and delivered a virtual event these comments are beyond anything we could have expected.



As the world started to open up and gain confidence we did manage to deliver a couple of face-to-face events from September onwards. Out of these surveys completed, 6% were for face-to-face events and 94% for virtual.

[It is] a pleasure to have you support our events; it gives me peace of mind knowing I don't need to worry about a thing!face-to-face event

Very personable, knowledgeable and professional. Understood our work and priorities and gave us appropriate advice and insights virtual event

They consistently go above and beyond, I would not hesitate to recommend ZiaBiavirtual event


Who knows what 2022 has in store but we are ready for whatever comes our way!

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help your next event shine, or you would like some help formulating your feedback methods, we would be delighted to speak to you.



ZiaBia Core Values – The ZiaBia way!

Our six core values represent us and the way we work, and support the long-standing client relationships we have built since we began in 2012.

When ZiaBia was created, we had a vision of how we wanted to work and how we wanted to be perceived by our clients and also by our peers in the events industry. We knew that offering a personalised and professional service with passion was the way we would achieve this! ZiaBia create memorable events that bring our clients visions to life…

E –Express Enthusiasm, Energy, Tenacity and Competitiveness

The team always strive to add value and bring energy to our clients projects from start to finish. We always want to push to deliver each and every time, to grow and better every event. Never satisfied, we always want to improve and contribute our very best. This core value summarises our approach to our work perfectly!

V - Value reputation

As a company we are really proud of the business relationships we have built since we started out with Partners, Suppliers and Clients alike. We have worked hard since the beginning to set a high standard of professionalism, flexibility and put a process in place, we have created the ZiaBia way of delivery which has enabled us to build and grow our reputation.

E – Everyone is provided opportunity based on merit, no one is entitled to anything

Everyone in our team has an equal voice.  A collective approach has more impact and is more powerful! Imagine all the creativity, ideas and knowledge combined to achieve the very best ZiaBia can offer.  Fairness and opportunity are rewarded and our success drives the team forward.

N – Never stop being hungry for achievement

We will always want to achieve! We will never stop being hungry and we will never settle. Our aim is to always look for ways to improve and build on our achievements and our services and grow as a team.

T – Treat everyone with respect

Creating quality longstanding working relationships internally within team ZiaBia and externally with both our clients and our Partners and Suppliers, is how we build our reputation. Respect is key to this. We will always treat everyone how we would also want to be treated.

S – Support each other by working hard and by being committed

Planning an event is a team effort and this particular value is really important to make each event a success! We are in the business of delivering successful events the very best way we can, the ZiaBia way!