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Supporting attendees at your online event

Recent government announcements stated that face to face meetings are, again, on pause for another six months. Therefore, we predict that more organisations, initially cautious and happy to wait for face to face to resume, will now move their events and meetings online. And with this change is the need to adjust how we are supporting attendees.

Like many people and organisations, Team ZiaBia have embraced the switch to the virtual event world – we are learning new things, talking to new clients and taking our business in a new direction.

People still want to meet even if it is via webcam - products and services must be marketed; awards need presenting; messages are to be shared.


Internal and external audiences

We are sure that your team meetings will have been one of the first to switch and one of the easiest to sort out technical hitches and confidence glitches!

While you can mitigate and provide support for internal teams it's trickier to support external attendees. If you don’t know your audience, you need to anticipate any questions they may have. If they are struggling to adapt or are a bit of a technophobe then that could be a lot of questions!

By now most people will have attended their first online event so likely to be familiar with the concept. But they may still be nervous.


Here are a few ideas on how you can build confidence in your attendees and make their transition to virtual as easy as possible.

How do I…?

This could encompass a variety of scenarios, for example:


I’m trying to connect…


Can you hear me?


That extra support


These are just a few quick ways you can support your attendees’ online experience. If you can demonstrate to your attendees your confidence in an online event, they will have the confidence to attend and participate. By setting expectations in advance, everyone will know what is expected of them on the day and this will make your attendees and feel more comfortable and enjoy the event.

If you would like to find out more about how you can ensure you are supporting attendees at your first (or next!) virtual event we would love to talk to you.

Coming soon we have the next in our 'technophobe' series 'How to support your speakers' 

ZiaBia’s tips on running fantastic online events

With more and more companies turning to online events to engage their customers and internal teams to communicate their messages, it is critical to get things right in this new world. 

We have pulled together the teams' experiences of setting up and managing virtual events into a collection of handy tips and insights, all broken down into logical segments. We have also incorporated the good, the bad and the ugly we’ve seen when attending quite a few virtual events ourselves.

One key thing to remember is that you cannot replicate a face to face event online, you need to change the format up and keep your audience engaged - be creative!

Make it interactive

Audience wellbeing



Content and speakers


Follow up


So there you have it, a whole bunch of useful tips to help make sure your online events engage your audience and leave them wanting to know when your next event is.
ZiaBia is an events consultancy with experience delivering both face to face and online events for clients of all sizes, in locations around the globe.
If you want to know more about how we can help you, please get in touch and we’d be delighted to hear about what you’re looking to do and let you know where we fit in.

Delegate Management

In May 2019, we launched a website for a client hosting their annual conference in four different global locations. The website incorporated four Delegate Management registration sites and an overall Sponsor expression of interest and registration section. Now these events have completed we wanted to delve a little deeper into Delegate Management; what it means and how it supports your event.

What is Delegate Management?

It is a way to track who is going to attend your event and what their requirements are.

How is Delegate Management managed?

This can vary depending on client requirements and/or budget. This could take the form of an Event Website or an On-line Form.

Event Website

You can have a bespoke event website. Team ZiaBia work with fantastic partners who can create a website to match the event requirements & budgets. This is a great tool for an event as it can be as simplistic or elaborate as you require.

Here are some of the options you can build into a registration website and ZiaBia can report on for you;

If not a website, why not an online Form

Online forms also capture the relevant Delegate Management information, with the data sent back to ZiaBia. We can track information to be able to share with the client and the venue if there are specific requirements and what accommodation nights will be required if any

Is Delegate Management just getting people to register?

No, Delegate Management is so much more! It also encompasses areas such as;

What are the benefits of ZiaBia managing the Delegate Management aspect of my event?

There is so much that goes into organising an event that sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day. That is where Team ZiaBia can be at hand to support as an extension of your team. With Team ZiaBia taking control of your Delegate Management we will not only take care of getting your forms prepared or your website up & running. We will manage all the above and provide regular updates as to;

Delegate Management plays such a huge part of your event that managing it effectively is key. Team ZiaBia have a wealth of experience in this area and look forward to supporting our clients in the future with more Delegate Management!

May 2019: Going global with delegate management websites for residential conferences

Well, What a month and where to start…….

Delegate management websites

One of the main focuses in May was to launch 4 delegate management websites for one of our clients.  These 4 annual residential conferences take place across the globe.

Now they are live, and for the next few months, we will be working on the data collected. We will create the rooming lists, table plans, collateral requirements and liaise all details with the hotels ahead of the events. We will also be working alongside the client's Global Sponsors, who will attend between 1 and 4 conferences. This will ensure all details are in place to enable all elements of the event run smoothly. We are also providing full project management and on site event management for the event based in Europe! This is the third year we have worked with this client and are excited to be involved again!

client events registration website from ziabia

Site inspections

As we are an Event Management Company with a base in Bristol, it was exciting to carry out local site inspections for local corporate events in Bristol at We The Curious and in Bath at The Botanist Restaurant for events taking place in June and July.

We did of course, as always spend time on the road and in London at project meetings for events with clients and on a tender panel with Mind for the annual Peerfest event.

A new team member

We are excited to say that we have a new Project Manager who starts on the 17th June joining the team and are very much looking forward to this… watch this space as June is looking just as packed for Team ZiaBia – but we love it this way!!


Top 5 Things I Learnt Being Onsite In Barcelona

I had my first big event to be onsite for just two months into my apprenticeship. I witnessed the event being tied together and my hopes of delivering an incredible conference for over 150 people did not slightly prepare me for what it would actually be like whilst being on site.

The facts of the event

1. The importance of having Events Managers onsite

Prior to being onsite, I was not fully aware of how crucial it is to have events managers onsite, and essentially, how important we are in ensuring an event of this size is delivered in the best possible way. From my first day onsite I had people asking me questions, checking in with me that everything was going correctly and that we were on track. For my first on site experience this was terrifying. Whilst shadowing Vicky and Debbie across the  three days of the conference, I witnessed them find solutions to problems that no one else could’ve without having the in depth knowledge that comes with being totally involved in the pre-event planning, raising the question- why wouldn’t you have your events team onsite?

2. Make a to-do list

Sitting down and writing a to-do list is a day to day essential on my job. A list of what needs to get done whilst onsite simplifies and condenses the buzz of everything going on. I focussed on certain tasks, ticking them off before moving onto the next. This increased the efficiency at which I was working and I stayed on track without getting lost or overwhelmed by everything going on.

3. At which point a DMC is necessary

I was initially introduced to the concept of a DMC in the first week of my apprenticeship. However it was not until I was onsite in Barcelona that I really understood their cruciality when delivering an event overseas. Tasked with the language barrier, communicating with the suppliers based in Barcelona was more difficult. Luckily Vicky and Debbie used a previous DMC contact, which made communicating with the offsite dinner venues easier. However, the presence of a DMC would have definitely sped up some processes of communication, which would have reduced the extra work we had to do as a company to contact all of the suppliers individually that were based in Barcelona.

4. Asking questions is ok!

This seems like a simple concept, however, being new to an event of this size, asking questions was intimidating. I was concerned that my questions wouldn’t necessarily be relevant or that there were a million other things everyone could be doing instead; I was quickly reassured that every question is relevant. Without asking all of my questions, I wouldn’t have been able to carry out my tasks effectively and efficiently. I also wouldn’t have learnt from the experience.

5. A logistics agenda is essential

I have never been as reliant upon a pack of paper as I was upon our logistics agenda! Every aspect of the event was captured in great detail. This allowed me to confidently answer the majority of delegates' questions plus questions from the senior team. Furthermore, having the agenda simply meant I was prepared: if I had a spare 5 minutes I would read it through and check where we were up too. This meant that I could be two steps ahead of the actual event.