10 years of ZiaBia! | ZiaBia
26 OCTOBER 2022

10 years of ZiaBia!

Well who knew?!


I’m not sure, in all honesty, that Debbie or I thought ZiaBia would make it to 10 years of age! And if it did, what type of business it would be. We had a 5 year plan initially, then after that …..

We were advised early on to read lots of business books, with one sharing data that stated – 40% of businesses fail within the first year, 80% by year five and then a further 80 by year 10 – it was terrifying!!


We are so proud of all ZiaBia has achieved! As a lot of business owners would say – ‘it has been a roller coaster of a ride’, what with Brexit and Covid to name a few curveballs. But we have hung on to our hats and are here – growing the team again and stronger than ever. The world around us sometimes feels like it’s gone mad – but we have a plan!


Would you expect anything less from us?


This year, we decided to do something we have never done before. We wanted to take the time to celebrate the wins and successes over the years with our friends, families, clients, partners and supporters.

It was a special night Harbour House, Bristol with everyone joining us for cocktails, food and a live band! There were a few sore heads the next day!


Everyone invited has been a big part of our journey - whether they have been in a business networking group with us, has worked with ZiaBia as a client, has supported us as a partner or event supplier of has just been cheering us along our journey. It would not be where it is now without each and every person.

A special mention has to go to our team as well, as we had past, present and future #TeamZiaBia guests there as well! We are a service business: only ever as good as our last event or the people that work as ZiaBia.


We will not wait another 10 years to celebrate successes again!